The main collaborations of CIFNET with  other  organizations are detailed here .

Mercantile Marine Department  (MMD) -    MMD is one of the most important  technical partner  organization  coming under DG shipping, Mumbai.  All the fishery training  vessels of CIFNET are  registered under  MMD in respective centers of CIFNET.  The MMD is  extending  all support in the  annual  LSA/FFA  inspection of the vessels and issuing the required certificate of  inspection.  All the fishery training vessels of CIFNET are undergoing biannual dry docking  in  CSL and HSL  under the supervision of  MMD surveyors.  The passed out trainees/Students of CIFNET are  undergoing various  competitive examinations conducted by MMD, after acquiring  required sea service for getting various levels of COC in  Deck side and engine side.


CUSAT-    CIFNET and CUSAT are closely  associated in academic and technical activities . The BFSc (NS)  4 year (8 sem) degree  programme of CIFNET  is affiliated to the CUSAT  and the Degree is awarded by CUSAT.  Advanced  Lab facilities of CUSAT  are utilized by  Final year BFSc (NS) students in order to  complete their  project works.  .  MSc Industrial Fisheries Students and MSc Marine Biology students are  sailing onboard Dept.  Fishery training vessel, M.V. Prashikshani  for acquiring onboard practical fishery training and sea experience.  MSc Industrial Fisheries  students are undergoing Seamanship and Navigational classes in  CIFNET. Faculty members from CUSAT  are associated with  various academic matters of CIFNET.


CIFT -  The ICAR Institute,   CIFT  and CIFNET are associated in various arena of  technical and scientific  activities. CIFNET is extending technical support  as expert committee members  in various committees . BFSc (NS) students are utilizing advanced Lab facilities in CIFT  for  their final year  project works.  CIFNET Faculty are undergoing regular refresher courses in various discipline  in  CIFT. CIFNET has  extended facility for conducting induction training programme for newly joined young scientists of CIFT.


Cochin Shipyard Ltd. (CSL) -  CIFNET  and  CSL have  close association  since long back.  The Institute Fishery training Vessels  are regularly  undergoing  dry docking repair works  in CSL. In this regard,  an  MOU between CSL and  CIFNET  is under preparatory  stage . CSL has extended all support and co-operation in timely completion of all the required  repair and maintenance works of Institute  Fishery training vessels. .


CMLRE -  CMLRE and CIFNET  have close association each other,  with regard to  exchange of scientific  and technical matters  for the benefit of  partner organizations. CIFNET has extended all the support and help in the  fabrication of  new trawl  nets and repair of  old and worn out  trawl nets which are used onboard  FORV Sagar Sampada   for  their scientific fishery expeditions.


MPEDA  -  CIFNET  has extended  technical support to MPEDA by deputing  Faculty members   to function as expert committee members in various technical committees and other consultancy services as and when required.


NIFPHATT -  CIFNET and  NIFPHATT  are sister organizations   coming under  Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry & Dairying .  Both Institutes are mutually associated in technical and training activities. The Fish landed onboard  Dept. vessels are  handing over to NIFPHATT  for  various processing and training activities.  The technical staff from NIFHATT  are serving as  resource persons in  imparting  practical training  on hygienic handling of tuna for  SASHMI grade  on collaborative basis.


Kerala State Fisheries Depts.  -  CIFNET and State Fisheries Departments  have close  relationship with regard to  technical and training  activities.   CIFNET is imparting various short term courses  in safety, seamanship, use of  electronic equipments etc. to  the  Fishermen from Kerala   sponsored by  State Fisheries Deptartments  on a regular basis.  The CIFNET Faculty members are serving   as  expert committee members  in various technical   committees  in  Matsya Fed.


NIO  - NIO and CIFNET have associated in various academic and scientific matters.  Faculty from CIFNET has functioned  doctoral committee member in  evaluating the  progress of  research students.


NFDB -  NFDB,  the apex body  under Ministry  is  sponsoring  Fishermen from  Tamilnadu  for undergoing  onboard  practical training and hygienic handling of tuna  for Sashmi Grade  in CIFNET under the blue revolution programme.


Fishery  Survey of India (FSI) – CIFNET and  FSI  are sister organizations  under same Ministry. Faculty members and Scientists from both Institutes are servicing as expert committee members in various and scientific committees in both Institutes. 


Indian Maritime University  (IMU)  - The graduate students  from  IMU  are utilizing  the Advanced  Navigation Simulation  Lab in CIFNET  as part of their course curriculum.  The faculty from CIFNET  has been  serving,  as  expert members  in various  technical  committees of IMU.