Outreach (Extension ) Training Programmes under PMMSY

This programme is newly designed for skilling/training of the fishermen by reaching to the fishing villages/fishing harbours by the CIFNET.  The training aids and accessories are taken to the respective places of outreach training programme which are planned in coordination with fishery associations/officials, local bodies of the fishing villages/ gramma panchayat. 

In-house/Outreach training for Fishermen Dec 2021 to March 2022new


The extension programme under PMMSY will be given maximum importance under 5 year Action Plan. The details of this programme are as follows.

Outreach/Awareness Training  Programme for Fishermen

Sl. No

Name of the Programme

Course Duration


Safety of Life at Sea

1 day


Communication and Navigational equipments onboard fishing vessel

1 day


Responsible fishing

1 day


Square mesh Cod end fabrication

1 day


Defects and Troubleshooting of boat  engines

1 day