Consultancy Services

CIFNET extends its available expertise in the field of fisheries, Marine Engineering, Marine Electronics and Seamanship and Navigation to various organizations whenever sought.

1. Use of LNG

During the year 2018-2019 CIFNET rendered its expertise on the use of Liquefied Natural Gas(LNG) to replace the more expensive fuel such as Diesel and Kerosene currently used in the fishing sector. The service was rendered to Kerala Development and Innovation Strategy Council, (K-DISC), Trivandrum, Kerala.

2. LPG project of CIFNET

CIFNET conducted the feasibility study on the efficacy of LPG kit for use on Out Board Motor (OBM) operated in the traditional fishing sector as per the direction of  Ministry of Agriculture, Dept. of AH, D & Fisheries.  The study was conducted during 2006 -2007 on 9.9 OBM and 25 HP OBM respectively at 2 different centers at Arthinkal, Kerala. The study was carried out on two numbers of 25 HP OBMs run on LPG and kerosene separately and on 9.9 HP OBMs.  The result of the study was submitted to the Ministry of Agriculture, Dept. of AH, D & Fisheries by CIFNET on completion.


3. Construction of  Ferro-cement Fishing Boat


As a part of training programme on the “Introduction of Ferro-cement as alternative construction material for Inshore Fishing Vessels” CIFNET took up the Construction of Ferro-cement Fishing Boats during the year 1984-85 under FAO-India project. CIFNET completed the construction of two Ferrocement boats Sagar Chandra (10.5 m Stern Trawler) and Sagar Jyothi ( 12.8 m Stern Trawler) and conducted fishing operation during 1986-1987.