CIFNET Unit, Chennai

Chennai UnitChennai Unit

Chennai Unit of the Institute was established during 1968 and is functioning in a permanent office coplex of 2903 sq.m. in 1.41 acres of land at Royapuram, Chennai.  The Unit has well established  Marine Engineering Workshop, Fishing gear Workshop, Navigation Chart hall, Electrical and Electronic labs and Library.  Fishery training vessel, M.V Skipper II of 28.3 m length (OAL) is attached with the Institute for on board practical training.The Unit also has good hostel facility for accommodating 75 trainees.Three guest rooms (A/c and Non A/c) are also available for the benefit of officials on tour.

Hostel & Guest Rooms

Technical Divisions

1. Seamanship and Nautical Division

At CIFNET Unit, Chennai, the division is well equipped with Life saving appliances such as life raft, life jacket, life buoy, EPIRB, SART etc. and Fire fighting appliances such as fire extinguishers, fire hose, nozzle, ISC etc., for practical demonstrations.  Various navigational equipments such as magnetic compass, marine sextant, pelorus, azimuth mirror etc are provided for practical demonstration. The division possesses an exclusive chart hall and facilities for navigation chart practice.


2. Fishing Gear Division

The division has well established fishing gear hall, for the conduct of practical classes with visual models of various fishing gears, craft and fishing gear materials & its accessories for demonstration. Practical training on fabrication and mending of different fishing gears are imparted. This division also carryout design and fabrication of fishing gears for deep sea fishing.


3. Marine Engineering Workshop

Marine Engineering Workshop includes Engine section, Machine Shop Section, Welding, Smithy, Fitting and Carpentry section. The facilities in Machine shop includes Lathe machines, Milling machine, Drilling machine, Shaper and Engine section consists of different HP engines of Single cylinder and Multi cylinder, Two working model engines, OBM’s and various types of compressors.

This Marine Engineering workshop is extensively used for the practical training of Marine Fitter Trainees in the fields of Marine Engineering, Fitting, Turning, Smithy, Thread cutting, Welding and Maintenance of engines.

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Apart from practical training the Marine Engineering Workshop also assists in the maintenance of Vessels and maintenance works in the Staff Quarter works as well the Office.

4. Training Section

The training section of the Unit schedule, monitor training activities of trade courses and other short term courses in liaison with CIFNET hq.  

5. Library

At Chennai also, there is a well established Library and documentation system having a good collection of Technical books/Journals in various subjects viz. Nautical Science, Marine Engineering, Fishing Craft, Gear Technology, Workshop Technology, Electrical Technology, Electronics, Computer Science, Fishery Biology, Fish handling, Marine Meteorology, Oceanography, Refrigeration, Hydraulics etc.


6. Training Vessel

The Chennai Unit of CIFNET is functioning with the fishery training vessel M.V.Skipper-II for imparting onboard practical training on fishing, seamanship Navigation and marine engineering. The fishery training vessel operated different types of fishing gear viz. Tuna Long lining, Bottom trawls and Shrimp trawl and impart all these fishing techniques to the trainees.

M V Skipper II

The specification of the vessel M.V.Skipper-II is as below:  

Name of Vessel




Year built



Type of Fishing








Monofilament Long lining