"Develop skilled man power for deep sea fishing"

            (Trained man power-nation's power)

Mandate of  CIFNET

  • To create technical manpower for the operation of Ocean going /Deep sea fishing vessels
  • To create trained manpower to manage fishery establishments.
  • The Institute has also expanded its mandate for training the fishermen of the coastal states under capacity building training programme under Blue Revolution.
  • To provide training for technical teachers for manning the fishermen training centers attached to Maritime States and Union Territories.
  • To conduct studies on fishing craft, fishing gears and equipments and provide extensive training to accelerate advancement in fishing technology for enhancing productivity of fishermen and increasing marine fish production.
  • To help developing nations in the South-east Asian, Middle east and African regions to create technical manpower for development of Marine Fisheries.


To impart quality training in order to upgrade skills, prevent obsolescence, develop healthy constructive attitude with focus on competitiveness to meet the challenges of the fishing and the mercantile marine fields