Cultural Activities

The objective of education is not just to impart academic knowledge, but also to ensure the overall development of students. Education is complete and achieves its purpose when the students become equipped to meet the challenges in every field of life, be it educational, social or cultural. CIFNET organizes various cultural programmes annually under the CIFNET Cultural Committee, which offers students good platform to exhibit their skills and talents in the field of culture, literary and other activities. It opens before the students, new vistas of competition and at the same time, shows the strength of camaraderie, the pleasure of participation and the satisfaction of being part of one of the largest celebrations of their student life.

Onam was celebrated on 06.09.2019. The students and staffs attended the functions with great enthusiasm in a traditional way. Onam programs involved Pookalam competitions (flower carpet) for students, Thiruvathira kali, Dance performances, Dumb Charades Onapattu and Malayali Manka.  All faculties and students gathered at canteen for the traditional Onasdhya. Outdoor Onam Games like Vadamvali, Uriyadi, Musical chair, Lemon and spoon, Sac Race were also conducted.

The All India Annual Sports and Cultural Fest are held every year in the month of Jan/Feb. The Cultural Fest adds to the vibrance of the campus every year with participation from all units of CIFNET. A coulourful medley of song, music dance and instruments, these events awaken the creative spirits within a student and jolts them out of their academic stuporrt. This Year's All India Annual Sports and Cultural Fest were held at CIFNET Head Quarter Campus from 29.01.2020 to 31.01.2020. The overall sports trophy for MNC/VNC was lifted by CIFNET Unit Vishakhapatnam and that for BFSc by BFSc 1 year. The annual Cultural Fest trophy was won by MNC/VNC CIFNET Kochi and BFSc III Year respectively.

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