Swachh  Bharat Mission

The Swatch Bharat mission, flagged off in 2014, is till date considered one of the biggest cleanliness drives in the country’s history. Over the years, the emphasis has been on various aspects of cleanliness including hygiene, waste management and sanitation.

As per the directives from Ministry, CIFNET has been actively engaging in the Swatch Bharat Mission, since 2016. Accordingly, monthly cleanliness drive has been initiated at all three centres of CIFNET, Kochi (HQ), Chennai and Visakhapatnam. The cleaning drive programme focused both inside and outside premises of CIFNET. The identified areas were cleaned by removing Brocken asbestos sheets, Brocken bricks, plastic bottles, dry leaves, waste papers etc.  All the old papers, plastic wastes, dry leaves, twigs, grass and weeds were removed and transferred to the identified locations for disposal. All the Officers, staffs and trainees of the Institute have been actively participated in this mission in every year.

Swachhabharat Swachhabharat

In addition to various programmes such as Swatchatha Pakwada, Swatchatha Hi Sava etc. have been conducted as per the directives of the Ministry in every year. Various competitions such as elocution, pencil sketch drawing etc. were also conducted by focusing the theme of cleanliness.   An Incinerator plant for the disposal of waste materials installed at CIFNET HQ, Kochi. CIFNET adopted a fishing village namely Edavanakkad, Ernakulam Dist. In this adopted village, CIFNET conducted public awareness campaign(Fishermen) abut swatchatha mission, distributed pamphlets related with hygienic fish handling  and  roll of cleanliness to fish landing centres, along with cleaning drives.  A public toilet block with modern facilities was constructed in this village during the financial year 2019-20, by CIFNET through CPWD.

Swachhabharat Swachhabharat


A report on Swatch Bharat Abhiyan 2019